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An exerpt fromt the book Miracles by C.S. Lewis:

"We who defend Christianity find ourselves constantly opposed not by the irreligion of our hearers but by their real religion. Speak about beauty, truth and goodness, or about a God who is simply the indwelling principal of these three, speak about a great spiritual force pervading all things, a common mind of which we are all parts, a pool of generalized spirituality to which we can all flow, and you will command friendly interest. But the temperature drops as soon as you mention a God who has purposes and performs particular actions, who does one thing and not the other, a concrete, choosing, commanding, prohibiting God with a determinate character. People become embarrased or angry. Such a conception seems to them primative and crude and even irreverent."   (p. 130)

He really hits the nail on the head here. Many people believe in a vague notion of God—some kind of all-inclusive spiritual force—, but once one narrows it down and gives this Being shape, character, and purpose people become offended. They don't want God to be a separate entity, but rather for God to be a part of them or for them to be a part of God.
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And if you and/or Lewis expect "people" to believe you then you're just as bad as the "people" you accuse of wanting to be part of God, etc. How do I know? Because you are obviously expecting people to accept your words as the word of God himself. That would make you a part of God because the words are yours. Apparently you want to be part of God, or God himself.
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I think you qualify as the most bitter and angry atheist I have yet to come across. You obviously dedicate a large amount of your life to this forum, so I must ask: why are you here?
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